Community Health & Prevention

At United Care of Massachusetts we have collaborated with our partners to improve the health of our community. Through disease prevention and healthy living programs, education, and policy — we work to create environments that support healthy behaviors.

You can become healthier—and stay healthier—by making small, meaningful lifestyle changes that you can maintain over time. Using proven strategies and the science of motivation, Our Case Managers and Community Health Workers will help you realize your health goals by helping you make changes you can keep for life.

With guidance, you'll address personal challenges and receive the tools you need to overcome them. Our individual services and group programs are designed to help you:

Lose Weight


Improve Nutrition


Manage Cholesterol


Get Active


Stop Smoking


Reduce Stress


Our approach focuses on helping you discover what works for you on your journey to making healthy changes in your life. Our programs and services are based on and consistent with best practices guidelines, supported by a proven theory of motivation that successfully engages individuals in making lifestyle changes.