HIV Care Connect

The overall goal of the HIV Care Connect Case Management program is to provide appropriate medical care and psychosocial services to all HIV + patients who receive HIV services from United Care of Massachusetts.

The HIV Care Connect Case Management program consists of onsite medical case management to assess a patient's psychosocial needs and coordinate care with the HIV treatment team. Additionally, the team also provides outreach case management services, and case managers educate and link patients to community resources which promote health and self-sufficiency.

Case managers provide community-based assessment, monitoring, and evaluation of patients who require more intensive follow-up and assistance. Each case manager works directly with the HIV medical provider to coordinate overall treatment goals and provide continuity of care across the patient's spectrum of medical and psychosocial needs.

Why enrolling in HIV Care Connect Case Management is important for people living with HIV

Enrolling in HIV Care Connect Case Management program will enable you to receive the care and support you need while living with HIV. Improvements in treatment and access to care have enabled many people with HIV to live full, busy lives in good health. However, you still must receive lifelong treatment for HIV; otherwise, the condition may lead to serious complications, AIDS, or other illnesses. By consistently following your treatment regimen, you also will reduce the chances of passing the infection onto someone else.


Food bank/home-delivered meals

Actual food or meals or voucher to purchase food. Does not include finances to purchase food or meals.

Housing services

Short-term assistance to support emergency, temporary or transitional housing to enable an individual or family to gain or maintain medical care.

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Linguistics services

Interpretation and translation services necessary to access core medical or support services.

Medical transportation services

Provided, directly or through voucher, to an HIV+ individual so that he or she may access core medical or support services.

Treatment adherence counseling

Counseling or special programs to ensure readiness for, and adherence to, complex HIV/AIDS treatments